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Kim Wilde Is Awesome! December 16, 2012

Posted by Jason Wilde in holidays, people, videos.
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I mentioned on last night’s show that “my long lost cousin” Kim Wilde had a video taken of her on a London subway train earlier this week, performing “Kids In America” (and part of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”) with her brother Ricky (he’s the one with the guitar). And, yes, it is pretty obvious that she is drunk. Kim and her brother (who, if you don’t know, has always been part of her band) had just attended a Christmas party held at the MagicFM Studios, where she records a radio show called “Secret Songs.”

I absolutely love this video:

1. Reindeer antlers!

2. As I said, Kim is obviously drunk (for evidence, she gets awfully slurry at times), but who cares?

3. She and Ricky are also obviously having fun, as is everyone else on the train–with the possible exception of the two clowns on the left.

4. Kim sounds great–even though she’s “over refreshed” (as she put it on Twitter later that evening).

5. Since the video was posted & gone viral, Kim has had a good time with it on Twitter, including thanking people for all of the positive messages they’ve sent to her.

6. How cool would it have been to be on that train? (HINT: Damned cool!!)

I’ve been a fan of Kim’s for nearly 30 years–first for her music, and even more so because in every interview or public appearance I’ve seen from her, she has come across as a down to earth, fun gal. And this is even more evidence of that.

Happy Christmas, Kim!



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