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Doctorin’ the TARDIS March 16, 2013

Posted by JB Lane in videos.

So, I finally am caught up on Dr. Who and, yes, I am another statistic. I love the series. Back when Jason first introduced me to Doctorin’ the TARDIS by The Timelords I knew of the series and a little bit about the history of the show but at the time I hadn’t actually seen any of the episodes. After a bit of coaxing from a few fans and a bit more from a few of my friends who were huge fans, I decided to give it a watch. I started with Christopher Eccleston who is, so far, my favorite Doctor and watched all the way through David Tennant and as far as I could get through Matt Smith. The Tennant/Smith transformation made me weep like a child and because of the Weeping Angels, I can never visit the Statue of Liberty.

Now I’m heading back to the first Doctor and am watching those episodes all the way through. I’m also watching the spin-off “Torchwood” with Captain Jack Harkness. If you haven’t watched Torchwood, I would totally bypass the first season… or at least watch it with the understanding that it is terrible but will set up some main points that will carry over. I mean, really… a cyberwoman in the basement for months and nobody noticed!?

After all of that, it’s off to the Sarah Jane Adventures.

I haven’t been into a series like this since Star Trek… and yes, you have to suspend your disbelief with a few episodes… after all, we are dealing with a big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey stuff. However, like Star Trek, Dr Who and Torchwood both delve into the human condition. Apart from a few non-PC jokes here and there, that’s the part I enjoy the most.

The reason I post about Dr. Who is because I ran into this on youtube… it is a video of Doctorin’ the TARDIS by The Timelords.




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