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Best Lip-Synch Ever May 1, 2014

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This video has been making the Interweb rounds this week. It’s actress Emma Stone appearing on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. In the clip, you’ll see Emma completely nail it the two songs she lip-synchs. Fallon is pretty good, too, and you have to love the choice of “Mr. Roboto.”


Kim Wilde Is Awesome! December 16, 2012

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I mentioned on last night’s show that “my long lost cousin” Kim Wilde had a video taken of her on a London subway train earlier this week, performing “Kids In America” (and part of “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree”) with her brother Ricky (he’s the one with the guitar). And, yes, it is pretty obvious that she is drunk. Kim and her brother (who, if you don’t know, has always been part of her band) had just attended a Christmas party held at the MagicFM Studios, where she records a radio show called “Secret Songs.”

I absolutely love this video:

1. Reindeer antlers!

2. As I said, Kim is obviously drunk (for evidence, she gets awfully slurry at times), but who cares?

3. She and Ricky are also obviously having fun, as is everyone else on the train–with the possible exception of the two clowns on the left.

4. Kim sounds great–even though she’s “over refreshed” (as she put it on Twitter later that evening).

5. Since the video was posted & gone viral, Kim has had a good time with it on Twitter, including thanking people for all of the positive messages they’ve sent to her.

6. How cool would it have been to be on that train? (HINT: Damned cool!!)

I’ve been a fan of Kim’s for nearly 30 years–first for her music, and even more so because in every interview or public appearance I’ve seen from her, she has come across as a down to earth, fun gal. And this is even more evidence of that.

Happy Christmas, Kim!

Happy Birthday, Kim!! November 18, 2012

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Today is Kim Wilde’s 52nd birthday. I am celebrating the anniversary of the birth of my 12th cousin, 16-times removed by listening exclusively to her music today. And, here are some videos so you can celebrate, too:

First, a song we’ve featured on the show many times–“Go For It (The Second Time)” (as it’s known in the US)–check out the post-apocolyptic look!

Next, her biggest hit in the US, with a classic, understated video:

Here is a great live version of “Perfect Girl”, which was the first single from her 2006 comeback album, “Never Say Never” (she also does “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree” in this vid):

Her first hit:

And, finally, a FANTASTIC live version of “Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime” with Nena. Love the energy!

Kim also tweeted a few days ago that she’ll have a new album in 2013..so we have even more to celebrate!

Happy birthday, Kim–thanks for all the great music!

More on The Fixx November 3, 2012

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JB and I mentioned tonight that The Fixx have a new album called Beautiful Friction. It was released in July (you can buy it here). They were touring throughout Europe, but have not released any tour dates for the “colder months.”

You can find out more at the official website for The Fixx–and you can even follow them on the Tweety-box!

Summer Randomness, or An Excuse To Show Annabella Lwin July 14, 2011

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What’s better than a trip to the beach on a warm summer’s day? And what’s better than finding Annabella Lwin on that beach?? Here is Annabella and the rest of Bow Wow Wow with their biggest hit, “I Want Candy”:

So basic, yet such a great tune.

Mind you, that video is from 1982–when Annabella was 15 years old (I know!). Here are two recent pics of Annabella:

Annabella Lwin

Annabella Lwin

If anything, she’s gotten better with age.

Happy summer!