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There Is No I In “Theme,” But There Is a You May 6, 2014

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If you’ve been a regular listener of the show over the past few months, then you know that periodically I’ve been using a very simple theme: picking a letter of the alphabet and then selecting songs from artists whose names begin with that letter. I started with “A” and have been going alphabetically, and the next letter up is the letter “I.”

Normally, I’ve been selecting all of the artists and songs for these alphabetical themes. But I want to give you a chance this time. What “I” artists do you want to hear on the show? Remember, all of the artists must begin with the letter I–for solo artists, this means the last name; for groups, just the group name (disregard “the” in front of the group name, if there is one).

You don’t have to stop with the artist name: if you have a particular song you want to suggest from that artist, knock yourself out. The song does NOT have to be a hit (if you’re a fan of the show, you know that already), but it’s worth mentioning that the more obscure the song is, the more difficult it may be for me to find it. Don’t let that stop you, though–I do like a good challenge sometimes.

Obviously, I reserve the right to pick my own songs from the artists you suggest, or even none (I mean, it is my show after all). But rest assured, if the artist/song you suggest fits the theme, is appropriate for radio airplay, and I can find it, then there’s a pretty good chance I’ll get it in the show.

So, send me an email or use the link on this page to make your suggestions on the Facebook fan page for the show.

And yes, this means I’m truly looking forward to your emails.


Cheesy Video Alert! April 27, 2014

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As mentioned on this weekend’s “Money” show, this is one of the cheesiest videos you’ve seen…from an era of cheesy videos.

Enjoy “Jukebox (Don’t Put Another Dime”) by The Flirts:

Because you must! March 21, 2014

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I’m sure you’ve already seen this awesome music video of Christopher Walken dancing, since it’s been making its way around the interwebs. Not only is this a fabulous showcase of the many times Walken has danced in his movies, it’s also a fabulous editing job.

If you’ve not seen it, then you simply have to watch it…because you must.


(For some reason, the video won’t embed in this post, so the link is to the video on the Huffington Post site.)


Melissa Etheridge 2005 Grammy Awards Performance March 8, 2014

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I mentioned this on the show a few weeks back and promised to post the video. Melissa is performing a Janis Joplin tribute with Joss Stone at the 2005 Grammy Awards.

As I said on the show, I think Melissa’s performance here is awesome. I’m not a particular fan of Janis Joplin’s music (I look forward to your emails), so it’s not like I have a particular affection for the songs performed here. I’m also just a casual fan of Melissa Etheridge.

But this is one of the best television performances ever (side note: it’s too bad no one saw this performance–the 2005 Grammys may be the lowest-rated in history).  Obviously, it’s emotional because Melissa had been undergoing breast cancer treatment (hence, no hair), but this is a classic case of a performer having amazing stage presence. Joss Stone is quite the accomplished singer, and I think also gives a great performance, but it’s as if she isn’t there. This is Melissa’s moment, and she OWNS the stage. And everyone knows it.

I love the look on her face when she sings, “I’m gonna show you baby that a woman can be tough.” Wow.

I got teary-eyed when I saw it live, and I get teary-eyed when I watch it now.

An Old-Fashioned Mix Tape February 8, 2014

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I must admit that the theme for tonight’s show is a bit cliché, but could be helpful to you. Tonight I’ll play songs that you would put on a mix tape* to tell someone that you love him or her. It’s appropriate, since a few weeks ago I played “like” songs: i.e. songs that say “I like you.” Plus, next Friday is Valentine’s Day. Again, a bit cliché, but if the relationship you’re in is progressing (from the “like song” show a few weeks ago), you’ll need tonight’s show, especially if you’re having trouble saying “I love you” for the first time. You’re welcome in advance.

*I say “mix tape” knowing full well that those have not existed for several years. I don’t care, because 1) I’ll always have a soft spot for mix tapes, and 2) “mix CD” or “iTunes Playlist” doesn’t feel right. I’m sure part of it is pure nostalgia, but I liked mix tapes better, if for no other reason than in making a mix tape, you had to listen to all of the songs in real time. So you knew exactly what the songs said and how they sounded together. And, you had to work at making them: a 90-minute mix tape took at least 90-minutes to make…or more. Now, it’s just copy and paste some mp3s to a folder or disc, which is indeed quite convenient, but it’s not the same. The process of making the mix tape was as important as giving it to the person. Even if he or she never listened to the tape with you around, the two of you still shared it, since you listened to it when you made it. It was more intimate than sharing a playlist.

So listen tonight to hear my favorite “I love you” mix tape songs, starting at 10pm Eastern on 88.7 FM/HD (in Indy) or anywhere at WICRonline.org. And feel free to use any or all of the songs in the mix tape you make for your Valentine.