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An Old-Fashioned Mix Tape February 8, 2014

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I must admit that the theme for tonight’s show is a bit cliché, but could be helpful to you. Tonight I’ll play songs that you would put on a mix tape* to tell someone that you love him or her. It’s appropriate, since a few weeks ago I played “like” songs: i.e. songs that say “I like you.” Plus, next Friday is Valentine’s Day. Again, a bit cliché, but if the relationship you’re in is progressing (from the “like song” show a few weeks ago), you’ll need tonight’s show, especially if you’re having trouble saying “I love you” for the first time. You’re welcome in advance.

*I say “mix tape” knowing full well that those have not existed for several years. I don’t care, because 1) I’ll always have a soft spot for mix tapes, and 2) “mix CD” or “iTunes Playlist” doesn’t feel right. I’m sure part of it is pure nostalgia, but I liked mix tapes better, if for no other reason than in making a mix tape, you had to listen to all of the songs in real time. So you knew exactly what the songs said and how they sounded together. And, you had to work at making them: a 90-minute mix tape took at least 90-minutes to make…or more. Now, it’s just copy and paste some mp3s to a folder or disc, which is indeed quite convenient, but it’s not the same. The process of making the mix tape was as important as giving it to the person. Even if he or she never listened to the tape with you around, the two of you still shared it, since you listened to it when you made it. It was more intimate than sharing a playlist.

So listen tonight to hear my favorite “I love you” mix tape songs, starting at 10pm Eastern on 88.7 FM/HD (in Indy) or anywhere at WICRonline.org. And feel free to use any or all of the songs in the mix tape you make for your Valentine.


No Energy To Think of a Creative Theme January 11, 2014

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If you were lucky enough to be affected by the gajillion inches of snow that most of the Midwest saw this week and the Polar Vortex that nearly killed us all, then you understand that at this point in the week, I’ve no energy to spend coming up with a creative theme for tonight’s show. However, rest assured that there IS indeed a theme tonight–just not an overly creative one.

If you’re a fan of the show and have been listening in the past few weeks, you can probably figure out tonight’s theme. Even though it’s not creative, tonight’s show has a Diverse list of songs–so much so that I promise you’ll find it Decent–maybe even Delightful and Delicious, too (?!?). In fact, if I gave this show a grade, it would be a barely passing one, and I’d be comfortable Defending my Decision.

Whether you’ve figured out the theme from my less-than-creative hints or not, be sure to listen to the show tonight starting at 10:00pm EST on 88.7 FM/HD WICR (In central Indiana) or stream it anywhere at WICRonline.org

Laura Branigan November 2, 2013

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Here is a link to the Laura Branigan website I mentioned on the show tonight. It’s where you can find more info about the special edition releases of Laura’s biggest albums, “Self Control” and “Branigan.” You can also find information about the 2014 Laura Branigan Memorial gathering, if you’re interested in attending.


An Obvious Life Lesson October 25, 2013

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After last week’s show (the theme of which was music my friends used to listen to when we hung out together back in the “glory days”), I was still feeling particularly nostalgic. That may seem funny, since the entire point of “A Blast From the Past” IS nostalgia–it’s not just picking a theme and playing songs; it’s also remembering the feelings associated with the songs. But, still, I’ve been feeling even more nostalgic than normal.

It makes sense that the passing of an old friend–even one that I didn’t see on a regular basis–would have an effect on me, or anyone. I think that because she was in my inner circle of high school friends is why this has hit me so hard. I’ve lost both of my parents, but this is different. THIS is real. This isn’t “supposed” to happen–at least, not yet. I’m 44, and Allison was just 41. Not young, for sure, but certainly not in the age range you’d expect to deal with such things. Frankly, I’m not ready for this kind of grown-up stuff…and I’m not sure I ever will be.

Unfortunately, though, I know that more is to come. After all, that’s life, and I’m only getting older. I’m lucky to have known Allison at all, and I’m lucky to have as much time as I’ve had. Don’t get me wrong; I’d like to grace this planet for another 50 years or so…even more if medical science can make those advanced years more enjoyable. But I know that others have not been so lucky, and any time you have you should be thankful for.

So, this boils down to another reminder to live life to it’s fullest and not hold anything back. I spoke to another one of my “Cronies” (what my group of friends called ourselves back then) for about three hours on the phone last night. He lives in Texas, and I haven’t seen him or his family for 6-7 years…despite us being friends since we were in preschool. It was a great conversation, full of laughter, goofiness, some tears, and fond memories–pretty much like every conversation we’ve had. He pointed out that his son is now the age that I was during that summer when my friends all started hanging out. Ugh…does time fly.

If you’ve read this, thanks for humoring me. I know there isn’t really a new idea here, but it’s still a good reminder, and it really helps to write it. And thanks for listening to the show.

I need to wrap this up; I need to book a flight to Austin.

A Record Player In a CAR??? July 25, 2013

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I cannot believe that these actually existed–or that I’d never heard of them!

Today’s car sound systems have nothing on this:

Car Phonograph

Yes–a turntable IN THE CAR!

Evidently, Chrysler tried to implement an in-car phonograph at two separate times: once in 1956 and then again in 1960. You get three guesses to figure out why this was not a huge success.

Imagine going on a road trip with your favorite tunes: “Let me just set this entire crate of 45s in the passenger seat. Oh, wait–you want to sit there? Okay…you’ll need to load the record player.” This really helps explain the popularity of the 8-track movement.

You can read the details about Chrysler’s attempts here.